Working Hard is Overrated, Working Smart is Underrated

7 Jul

For years of my life I was taught to work hard, nothing is free and nobody will give you anything, you see an opportunity you take it…

I also was led to believe, in the process of taking it you have to have blisters on your hands, blood on your face and exhausted to the point where you were as crazy as Charlie Sheen or you didn’t do it right. I was told that you have to bust your back and work VERY HARD to get anything in this world and if you didn’t, then you half arsed it or you could of done better… overcoming this false truth was one of the biggest breakthroughs I have ever had… today I will hopefully show you how to do the same.

Ok, so what exactly am I referring to?

Well let me just break down the title a little bit more, because funnily enough it isn’t just me… 9 out of 10 people make this same mistake (I actually did a little survey and some research)

And this little productivity killer is costing people and businesses thousands every single year. (you’ll see why as you read the post)

Working hard is overrated… working smart is underrated”

There’s a big difference to working hard and working smart.

So let me give you a little analogy… (BTW this is a bit gruesome, but funnily enough most the people who read this blog are manly/awesome and would laugh in the face of gruesomeness)

“The smart soldier kills the enemy efficiently, effortlessly and quickly… where as the grunt marine runs and guns then comes back with missing limbs looking like Rambo after he’s been in a blender” 

I love Rambo, the dudes awesome… but I’d rather just push a button, let the C4 go off and go home with my arms and legs intact and where they’re supposed to be.

Can you already see the difference between the two soldiers?

Yep, I bet you can… The smart soldier gets to go home stress free; the grunt marine on the other hand spends the rest of the day looking for his arm. (that time could of been spent doing something productive)

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s true you do have to work damn hard to get anywhere, if I didn’t I wouldn’t of achieved anything, nobody would if they didn’t, ask any successful entrepreneur. BUT, and there is a but…. if you work smart you will get a lot more done, instead of busting your back and being exhausted to the point of hallucinating about unicorns and talking pillows. Instead you will have more free time, energy and more of a drive to carry on. (Yay for efficiency)

See everyone says WORK HARD, WORK HARD, Take Action, Take Action… but they never mention that if you just thought out what you want to do, schedule it, actually think it all through before you go in all keyboards blazing you could do it a lot more faster and have more fun. You can work hard for short periods of time and get so much more done.

And plus that makes taking action a hell of a lot easier.

Working Hard is just so overrated, where as working smart is like the dropped piece of paper behind your desk, you know its there, you just don’t want to pick it up, instead you just print out another copy which actually takes longer than if you were to just move your desk and pick it up.

So start working smart and I can guarantee you, that you will get more done, have more fun and make more money in the process.





How School Is Training Us To Become Corporate STOOGES And Ruining Our Mindset Of Becoming Entrepreneurs

21 Jan

Hi Guys,

The day before yesterday my school was visited by the Jack Petchey
foundation, where we spent the WHOLE Day in a class where we were
taught Speaking and listening skills,

It was Fun but Very Boring at the same time, So the goal was at the end
of the day we would do a speech where we would compete to go to the
next round, And the Speech could be whatever we wanted to talk about.

And me being me my subject was,

“How school is training us to become corporate STOOGES and ruining our mindset of becoming entrepreneurs”

So I asked my teacher what he thought of the subject? Expecting a good
response but Instead this is what I got,

“Pfttt Um… I don’t think that’d be very good and I don’t really agree don’t
think you’ll get very far with that one”

Just his response angered me a little, but I didn’t let that phase me,
I didn’t answer him and he walked away to aid another classmate, So when it actually came to my turn at the end of the day to give my speech

I got up and gave it, To which I got a good response from the audience (my classmates) and the coach who came in liked it too, but my teacher had the funniest look on his face, and guess what…. He was a judge too…. Great, not.

He and the coach later said my speech was little too “controversial”,

Oh Well, I didn’t get through, I personally wasn’t too bothered as after going through 3 stages and getting to the finals, the prize is ONLY £2,000 but it would of been nice to get through, But even though I didn’t Win…

I think I accomplished something more than that…. I proved to my friends that there is more out there than just a “Crappy” Corporate job and there is SO MUCH more money to be made….. They actually agreed with me and congratulated me after…. But who knows if they’ll take action, I can’t FORCE Them and I can’t FORCE You, It’s Up To you to decide……..

To Your Success,

Maksud Rahman

Top Recommended Traffic Strategies I Recommend You To Use Part 2

15 Jan

Hi Everyone,

Here is Part 2 of the “Top Recommended Traffic Strategies”

In this video I go over the last few traffic strategies,

And I reveal a method which got a video and exposed it
to Thousands of people and its got to the point where it is
IMPOSSIBLE for us to take it down.

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Top Recommended Traffic Strategies I Recommend You To Use Part 1

9 Jan

Hi Everyone,

Maksud here and I am back with a Brand Spanking New Video,
This was actually another suggestion from the wonderful List Q&A,
This video is about My Top Recommended Traffic Strategies I Recommend
YOU to use Part 1.

With My Good friend and mentor Dwayne Kerr doing a little bit of a silly moonwalk in the middle :)

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What Is A Opt-in Box

28 Dec